Partner & Profit Email Swipes - Story Telling, MMO & FAQ 

Day 1: Email 1

Subject: Fortune Favoured The Wright Brothers But You’ll Be Surprised To Hear…

A dig into the history of these famous brothers recently surprised the schnitzel outta me,
Thanks to a coin toss, Orville was the first brother airborne. ...
A toy launched their flying obsession. ...
Neither brother received a high school diploma. ...
The Wright brothers once printed a daily newspaper together. ...
The brothers never married.
And today marks the day that Michael Cheney released his business in a box 
“Partner & Profit” 
A complete business in a box designed to build your home-based affiliate business in record time.
With no stress, hassle, steep learning, testing, and any sort of hard work.
It’s all been done for you, proven, and paid out over a quarter mil online.

Now's your chance to whip in fast and be the first to grab your Partner & Profit business.



Day 2: Email 1

Subject: Oh yeah, I'll tell you something 

Famous opening words, 

John Lennon and Paul McCartney “I want to hold our hands…”

Controversy exists over the landmark chord that Lennon stated McCartney hit on the piano while they were composing the song…

In any case, the song was a complete runaway hit!

Blowing girl's minds all around the world,

Millions went complete NUTSO over it!

And so will this… 

Michael Cheney has opened his doors for anyone remotely interested in making a fortune online with affiliate marketing.

Partner & Profit is a complete business in a box designed to elevate the steep learning, and hours of painstaking work delivering you straight to the profit in record time..

Available today, head over here for all the detail:


Your trusted advisor,


 Day 3: Email 1 

Subject: I’ll tell ya, two obnoxious students changed the internet forever

Larry Page and Sergey Brin brought the internet to our fingertips…


Two unlikely students who funny enough thought each was pretty darn obnoxious. 

Both of them had a lot to say, 

they both have really strong opinions. 

There must have been something there from the very beginning as they got talking and 

continued to connect with one another.

They were drawn to each other.

Larry and Sergey jokingly say stuff about each other even today.

These two students happen to be the visionaries that created Google. 

It's a bit of a beast today… 

but back in the day, it all started in the college dorms, 

then a garage (where it seems a lot of startup billion-dollar businesses are created) 

Then it started to get serious…

to a real office where they had a breakthrough with the algorithm.

Big things start from small things with great vision, 

Michael Cheney is one of those. 

Today he has opened the doors for wanna b business owners, those with a dream to break away from the 9-5, and those that sadly can’t afford to retire.

Michael is offering to Partner and Profit, 

his complete business in a box handed to you,

For you to profit in the fastest possible way.

Don’t waste a single minute go watch the video, read all the information, hear from the Partner & Profit  beta testers and take action this is where it all starts:


Talk soon,


Day 4: Email 1

Subject: These blokes made life taste a little sweeter…

Completely bored with their lives,

armed with a desire to want to do something radically different.

These two unlikely blokes created the world's biggest ice cream empire.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield AKA Ben & Jerry’s

Fun fact;-)

What they really wanted was to start a food business in bagels but couldn't afford the necessary machinery,

instead, they had to settle for ice cream. 

(bet their happy bout that now with annual sales topping $200 million)

Another fun fact about these guys, 

they signed up for a $5 correspondence course in ice cream making offered by the State University. 

Both got A's and massively fat wallets to boot.

Today you can also start your very own empire,

Straight out of the box,

By simply partnering and profiting…

Recommend by multi-million dollar business owners worldwide who say buy this right NOW;


Talk soon,


Day 5: Email 1

Subject: “Fortune favors the bold.” – Virgil.

Money talks,

And nothing talks louder than making $212,910 /month.

This is exactly how much Michael is raking in,

It's more than most people make in a year.

Impressive huh!

For the longest time, I’ve watched Michael keep his method under wraps…

But now he’s finally going to teach a select amount of people how to do this.

Starting with handing all the goods packaged within his Partner & Profit Program.

The fortune favors the bold here, go buy it NOW;


Talk soon,


 Day 5: Email 2

Subject: Fortune favors the prepared mind...you know?

I’ve known this for donkey’s years the more prepared and knowledgeable you are, 

the more likely you will be able to make the most of chance opportunities and observations.

Boldness is the beginning of the action, the fortune is here, go buy it NOW;


Talk soon,


 Day 6: Email 1

Subject: Time is money..and money…is time

The old adage remembers time is m*oney.

M*oney…is considered to be one of the most important aspects of life.


Are you aware that, 

most of us tend to ignore another very important measure that adds enormous value to life…


She sure is a valuable one, 

that is cherished often after its lost.

If you think deeply about it,

wasting time equals wasting m*oney.

Don’t waste another second nor cent go buy Michael Cheney's business in a box, 

Partner&Profit NOW!


Talk soon,


 Day 6: Email 2

Subject: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade like this...

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few sourpusses in my time,

Mostly moaning like pork chops about,

how life just sends them lemons, 

how they just can’t seem to catch a break.

And life just gets harder and harder…

I’ll tell you what I tell them,

A positive can-do attitude will get you through adversity any day of the week. 

And Michael Cheney's Partner&Profit will put a smile on your dial,

And increase the size of your wallet,


Go grab your business in a box here:


*Tomorrow is the last day…

Talk soon,


Day 6: Email 3

Subject: Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach on your own...

Ahhh… we can be super tough on ourselves, 

the truth be told we can never be perfect enough.

Although we can certainly take action towards making something perfect. 

Since perfect things are without fault or flaw, 

perfection is a perfect condition!

Now everything is going to be perfectly fine now you have your hands on the perfect business in a box.

Designed to set you up from scratch with an affiliate marketing business without the harsh steep learning, without wasting time, spending unnecessary m*oney, and striving for perfection.

This baby has already been proven to work.

Partner&Profit today:-)


(Heads up, tomorrow is the last day)

Talk soon,

 Day 7: Email 1

Subject: FAQ, Partner&Profit will it make me rich?

Q.Will I make money-with Partner&Profit?

A.YES, just take action

Q.I’m a technophobe, how easy is this?

A.This is a business already built, proven and ready for you to deploy

Q.Will I make $212,910 / month as Michael does?

A.NOT likely, Michael has 14+ years of experience but even if you make 5% that's a whopping $10,645.50 / month that just can’t be ignored

Q.Will I have support when I need it?

A.YES, we supply first-class support for you and your customers

Q.Will I have to invest?

A.YES, you will tell me of a business that you don't have to invest

Q.How quickly will I see results?

A.The quicker you buy the quicker you start the quicker you will see results

Q.Will I have to create a product?

A.No, Michael already created the product, tested it and now he is offering you to Partner&Profit from his hard work

Q.Will I have to pay for ads?


Q.Will I have to work hard?


This baby has already been proven to work.

Now all you need is to Partner&Profit today:-)


(Last day launch finishes at midnight)

Talk soon,


 Day 7 Email 2

Subject: Knowledge is power man…this guy has it in spades

Over the last year, 

I’ve watched this person,


I’ve even begged him for 1-on-1 coaching.

You see, I see him racking it in, 

I hear his level of knowledge, 

he knows how to make-money like no one else I know.

And I’ve been left wondering how?

Well thank god,

I’m no longer left scratching my head.

For he has released,

all the answers to my questions inside of Partner&Profit, 

his very own business is now available to buy!

And yes, 

I have my copy.

You had better go get yours too.


(Last day the launch closes at midnight and the price will double)

Talk soon,


Day 7 Email 3

Subject: You miss more shots you should have taken…

Over the last 7 days,

I’ve been bleating on to you about Michael,

His results quarter mil/month and how you can tap into his business by partnering and profiting.

All of this is coming to a close tonight at midnight.

The shot you should have taken will be missed.


Talk soon,


Day 7: Email 4

Subject: I came, I saw, I conquered…where were you?

I’m afraid you're being left behind in the dirty dust,

Your last and final chance to buy is here;

For ch*** sake don’t go wasting it!


Talk soon,